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Features of Tindhack

Hack anyone's Tinder Account with Ease

All it takes is a few steps and a bit of time. We’ve made the Tindhack as simple as it needs to be. If you know the user’s name you can enter it into the app, press “Hack Account” and you’ll be in control of it in a few minutes.

Our tool is so powerful it can hack Tinder profiles from Tinder itself. So if you find yourself swiping through potential matches and want to find out more about that person you can. Maybe it’s one of your friends and you want to take a peak at their messages to see who they’ve been matching up and flirting with.

Free Tinder Plus Usage

Tired of all those ads? Want unlimited likes? Want to rewind a swipe? Want the ability to change your location to match up with other interesting people? These features are only available with Tinder Plus which is a paid subscription. Don’t want to pay for all of this? Neither do we.

We hacked Tinder and unlocked all the features that Tinder Plus has to offer.


Hack into anyone’s Tinder account from almost any smartphone or desktop computer, you don’t even have to be on the account holder’s device. TindHack can give you access to the Tinder account giving you full control; check who they matched with, access messages, and you can even reply back. Want to know who you could have potentially matched up with? Our hacker will show a list of people who swiped right on your profile. We’ve all accidently swiped left on a hottie by accident so we hacked Tinder Plus to give it to you for free! You can now undo that left swipe and pair up with that cutie! We will be adding much more features in the future!

TindHack Updates

The Tinder hack app is now out for iPhone, iPod, iPad, & Android

The iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android versions 1.05 are available to the public for download. A Mac version has been developed and is currently in its Alpha phase while the Windows version has gone into Beta. We will be releasing the Windows Beta to more users to test for us to make the discovery of bugs a lot quicker. We’d love to release updates on all platforms at the same time and are working hard at keeping everything up to date.

TindHack public release update

We mentioned in our last post that the beta of TindHack was given out to a few people, this update has been made available for testing to the first 100 people that signed up for beta testing. This release was supposed to be public but we ran into a few problems with Tinder and the Android app of TindHack.  The version is this release is v0.92.

The beta has been given out to a select few

Our Tinder hack beta is finally being released to only a select few people in the public including the TindHack team.  The Windows software is still currently in its Alpha phase and will continue into a Beta release as soon the Apple & Android apps are released to the public.